Don Trip - Road Warriors [paroles]

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Don Trip - Road Warriors

Paroles: Road Warriors


Say goodbye to my conscience

Meanwhile I go against the tide like…

Like dirty laundry, I fell for the Ponzi

Now I wanna spill on them niggas like I’m clumsy

Waitin on my moment to blow like a trumpet

I slipped somewhere along the line, my mind malfunction

I’m used to being listed as a halfnot

I came from the dirt but now the motherfuckin sandbox

I signed my John Hancock

My dream faded away like a jump shot

Long road ahead, no red stops

The game’s a lot harder than it looks from the press box

Cemetery pull but you can still good a guess like

Play the cards I’m dealt, just tryna make a jackpot

I want more capeter than the key boy kept locked, it’s stifling

You turned me into a villain, the crazy thing is I liked it

If being real’s a crime they’re wasting time on my indictments

I made it like tomorrow’s not coming for me

Crazy cus I’m ballin like I’ll never run out of money

But fuck it, life’s a gamble, bet it all on black

Play with my scratch, I’ll put a glowing red dot on yo head

You just a snack and I will eat yo heart out yo chest

And after seconds I got all these missing marbles and a fully loaded weapon

If you think I give a flyin fuck you got that wrong impression

Introduce me to yo lady, I’ll be plottin to undress her

Fuck you and all them niggas in yo studio

Gassin ya, I wipe what’s left of yo life out the calendar

I got out my deal and went and celebrated

Out at Chuck E Cheese, you caught yo journey in jail and

And they don’t fuck with yall good at rap

I don’t fuck with rats either, how fun is that?

Yea I come from the bottom oh but I’m not going back

And when my foes go snap that’s when I go take a nap

(And when my foes go snap that’s when I go take a nap)

My only fear is failure, a dream is bout the only thing that I won’t sell ya

An empty CD case of mine, it struck paraphernalia

I’m that dope, grind like I’m flip broke

It was the drivin and drank, then lean back and I’m fetcho

My rap quotes are exactly what it seem

If crack spoke

The club could say it’s too much soda on, yo lips beg the coke

Grill low passin, car on tinters, Coca Cola classic cans

Just grindin til we come up, I hope you know that that’s the plan

Same mission, same hustle, we all struggle

Halfhearted apology to the hoes that thought I loved you

Snoop told me not to, me and Trip and you talked to

Now, diss me I be done shot you

Free bout here, free die too, just know that I missed yo fam

My niggas was movin squares, I ain’t talkin scrollin through Instagram

Every show send them pictures man, fuck them hoe niggas snitchin

They got my folks in the system, someday I’m going to visit
Priz – the only place with more bars than this

Either that or the pharmacist, honest shit

Military ammo, my cartriges rip all through yo cartilage

Don’t shoot from too far, don’t miss

Those my 2 rules

Might be new to you but no, I ain’t new school

Loose screws, when I was signed I was also on news too

Top store, 30 shells popped out of glock 4

When the first cocaine music, first drop shit I shot short

It never ready, just ratata, sorta of a Robert Hory

These rappers, they brought me

Don’t care when they got extorted

And I’m fortunate just to make it

From what you sell or you snorted

But these hoes who ain’t even pregnant get paid for several abortions

Thought of getting endorsement

Coppin cars I couldn’t afford

Ridin round with that strap on safety, you a target if you important

And I’m important cus I provide

If mama cryes I rather be the prime suspect than the victim of a homicide,

I’m traumatized