Dorrough Music - Hold Up (Freestyle) [paroles]

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Dorrough Music - Hold Up (Freestyle)

Paroles: Hold Up

Stay so fresh, I have to be
None of these rappers can ride with me
South beast sipping on dackeries
Drop top benz on factories
Drop the keys, I got gwap and needs
Tell them hood rest that I got the cheese
But lots of fire like Socrates, toxified off lots of weed
Club promoters, booking north Dakota

Flipping screens with no remote controller
Drinking lean like it’s coca cola

Country nigga from the boon dock, so high, I’ma land on the moon, watch
Hold up, 2013 still pour up,
Hey, Cadillac door still go up,
Candy paint wet look like …roll up
I stay Gucci down from my toes up
You lame ass niggas don’t know us
These bad ass bitches they know us
Prime time click, all my niggas bout to blow up, quick
Bust a rhyme like Busta Rhymes, hit the telly might fuck a dame
Designer clothes in my laundry line, 44 in my country time
… my escalade, drinking ace of spade like it’s Gatorade
Instigate, might catch a fade, knock a nigga out make him catch the shade
Like the boss, just came from Austin, hit the club, me and dj frosty
Swerving lane to lane, on the freeway hogging
Trip to cali on the last flight, piece and chain for my flashlight
Navy 3 my cash right, y’all niggas ride with your gaslight
Mi casa, su casa, 5 hoes got a whole new rhasta
Make a lot of money like 2 doctors
Eating papados wedding girls pasta
Hit the club with some dark blue…
I’m a wild ass nigga, move faster
Got the game locked up 2 lockers
My goon niggas got 2 choppers.