DP - The Burial

The Burial Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: DP]

The 12 gauge is in my range as I say my graces
Only way to guard my food that the devil's craving
Protect my plate by all means
And if it all leads to vendetta got the Mac 10 in reach
Machete up the arm sleeve
For the Cretans displaying fake allegiance I slice 'em craft cheeses
Cause I don't take kindly to treason
That's what I get for leaving all these motherfuckers breathing
Best believe it he's been a heathen since he was 3
That's why I see through the lies and the murder schemes
I was alert you was last seen in hurst
Niggas never learn last beds made in the dirt
My life was cursed
Nigga I was 4th grade takings milk up off my peers lunch trays
I do it today I'm stuck in my ways
I'm stuck in this maze
And I can't get out
Layin' in that coffin I can't get out
Tombstone read he was the realest out

[Verse 2: DP]

When I was a baby 3 wiseman left a Mac 10 in my manger
Said aim it at them haters that's plotting from shady angles
And if you're able exposé these faggots of fables
Untangle the lies that mangle they mind and vices they chained to
Never was agenda'd to being an angel
Sick of life from the jump I ripped that cord out my navel
Then choked the nurse with that shit
Why they let him into the world to make it worse than it is
Such a merciless kid
I mean Osama in this bitch
Sadaam up in this bitch
I mean Cobain just killed his motherfucking self
Like fuck wealth
I'm here to live like a derelict until I
Breathe my last breath
I mean as quiet as it's kept
I keep raspy like the throat strep
Half a OZ of Caine in my Lo sweats
I post bets against any nigga that wanna step
You'll be left in roadside ditch

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