Dreezy - From Now On [Lyrics/Paroles]

Dreezy - From Now On

From Now On Lyrics / Paroles


[Verse 1]
Ain't nothing promised
So I'm living
I get fucked up, that's my decision
That money power
It draw attention
Now when I talk, they wanna listen
My name get mentioned even when I ain't on Twitter
These bitches ain't got no class like they got suspended
That ain't your belt, go take that shit back to the lender
You really thought you could front on me, how you figure?
I got my money right now, I can feel the tension
It's time to cut these niggas off, hand me the scissors
You keep on dissing me, my name just getting bigger
Ready to battle, no it don't matter the gender

If I do anything I gotta get my shine on
Warn these niggas I ain't saving 'em from now on
All these blunts in rotation got my mind gone
You just pray your nigga ain't gon want my eyes on him
Heard somebody say I changed, that shit just blew me
I'm tired of bitches lying, acting like they knew me
Came up on 'em, now this money got me bougie
See these diamonds dancing on me, they like "ooh wee"

[Verse 2]
Want my cake and I eat it too, I'm Betty Crocker
Got higher learning, kept that weed inside my locker
They can't believe we came this far like it's a shocker
I got my check up, I ain't need to see no doctor
I might be a lot of shit, but I ain't sorry
That money coming in on time, it's never tardy
Just got evicted but you still up in the party
Got a real binge and spent your rent inside a Barney's
Show respect when you see me, I'm far from average
All you was popping with my flow, I let you have it
These niggas bitches, they need to be in a pageant
I'm too one hunnid, I gotta keep me a savage


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