Dubb - Never Content [paroles]

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Dubb - Never Content

Paroles: Never Content

I’m never content, the flow from heaven was sent. Me making it a part of God’s plan. That’s something you can’t prevent. You can pray on my demise. Choke on your black balls and die. Nigga bury me alive, I bet on the 7th day I rise
I’m never content, even if God called the kid. And in death I couldn’t rest you gotta kill me again. They think I been here before, and if I did I wouldn't know. Speaking in past tense my act sense the future fasho. When I first started I was balling drop the ball to spit this raw, and now the game in my possession. I can never drop the ball again. Dropped my first mixtape, South Centralz Own, they called the kid. What I spit on Game Black Wall Street Journal they said a flawless pen I had, with a pen and a pad I put my heart in this. Before it was a booth, it was a closet bitch ironic shit. Pull the skeletons out of the closet when I vent. But leave them skeletons of them dead rappers when I rip

R.I.P. a B.E.A.S.T. is all I be. I turn on the beat and start my feed. As I proceed to tell my story on the road 2 glory. You should’ve wished me well the pits of hell they tried to lure me. Dogg you tried to sign me to that slave deal. And even if I made mills still be in them chains. Them niggas locked up in that cage still, and even if that cage steel. I break out you can't cage real. I’m the late great L, Pun, Pac, Big. Nigga, never content

How you King of this shit? And you was never a prince. I’ll be never convinced. Niggas asking for features and yeah I loaned them the 16. They can’t return the favor cuz they life on the big screen. How could you mislead and tell me those lies? Soon as that ink touch the paper showed you who you was inside, and that was phony homie. Fake love is what you showed me homie. Just to get what you want now you don’t know me brodee

I’m generating a buzz louder than chainsaws cutting through electric wires. Falling on a hive of bees which cause them to sting. The drunken man thats getting tazered by the street cops. Fuck it let the beat stop. Reminiscing over you like Pete Rock. Flow on point like the ears on that geek Spock on Star Trek, fallback rap gon get ya’ll all maxed, skull cracked, and spine broke. Lyrics that my 9 wrote, ideas bullets, hold on let me get my thoughts out

A. a-list rappers on my list they getting crossed out. B. you said you wanted beef this what this all bout. C. Canibal dismantle you with a large mouth. D. U. double B. show you what the bars bout. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. Hit the road and start touring to become enormous. It’s quite unnormal I’m norman hope you hear me through this Neumann. Nigga never content. On some elephant shit how I stomp through the game, and leave one hell of a print. Just so you never forget. Embed this shit in your brain. If life a simile my energy show we not the same. I’m never content that ain't what I represent. I represent them black folks that grew up and didn’t have hope. I represent them kids that have them dreams, and I represent them black queens without they black king