Dynasty - Street Music (ft. DJ Premier) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Dynasty - Street Music (ft. DJ Premier)

Street Music Lyrics / Paroles

[Scratch Hook]
"You know how I rock, I'm hip hop" - Redman 'Street Hop'
"AKA your girl D-Y"
"Fake rappers"
"Stand down and stay right there
This is street music, so it stays right here" - Big Shug 'Do Ya'
"You know how I rock, I'm hip hop"
"AKA your girl D-Y"
"Fake rappers"
"Stand down and stay right there
This is street music"
"I touch it and it's blessed" - Antoinette 'I Got An Attitude'

[Verse One]
In walks the girl with her hair all wooly
Flow on swole, the unexpected bully
I am not you thought
Body suckers for sport
And slaughter the one's I caught, recorded and then report
I'm a star, but I rock my day to day gear
Just so you don't fear me when you see me, trying to play fair
My abilities are my greatest advantage
On my worst days delivery is very hard to manage
At your best, you don't even come close, who are you?
I don't even got the energy to argue
I'm tired of hearing wack bars like those
Please know, you dealing with a star in life's clothes
So I don't rock for free so stop it
Pull out your wallet, this is not a non-profit
Started out in Jackie Robinson Elementary
Now I'm rocking with legends, this is real black history

[Scratch Hook]

[Verse Two]
It can take up to a minute till you get it
Before you realized that I'm really here winning
They say I smile a lot for a menace
You're an after thought I'm a premise
I'm real you're an image
This is only the beginning and I'm connecting with legends
The truth is, I'd rather be a genuine peasant
Than to be a rich fraud
So I spit and rip bars
Primo told me I'm a spit queen, spit hard
Get used to it cause we only plan to
Keep pushing forward you know we'll understand you
They say I can't rip it like a man do
Can't handle what I'm about to hand you
We are on the next level living out our dreams
Based in reality you busy trying to scheme
Don't know if I'ma make it but you want me on your team
Cause you notice how I turn all of my haters into fiends

[Scratch Hook]

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