E-40 - All My Niggas (ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q)

All My Niggas Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: E40]
All my niggas really want the money
We don’t want nothing else nigga I promise
All my niggas really want the money
All my niggas really want the money

[Verse 1: E40]
All we want is the money
The mozzarella Galbani
I got more guns than the army
Can’t let no bitch nigga harm me
I got that purple like Barney
I got two bitches that’s horny
They say they niggas is corny
They never there and they lonely
They bought a bottle of ‘trony
And now they ready to blow me
If you know me you owe me
That’s what I told her for sho
I’m a mac just like Obie
Me and my cronies and…
…and stay with the fifties and fourties
That’s us if you smell smoke
Cookies the antidote
Puffing that…
My partner’s they…
They rap and they sell coke
…like a cantaloupe
In the summer a peacoat
My iPhone is jailbroke
Leaning like the tower of pizza
Sweatin’ like we under a heater
It’s hot in here
All them suckers that’s talking crazy
…never tell my right ear what my left ear hear

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