E-40 - On One (ft. AD) [Lyrics/Paroles]

E-40 - On One (ft. AD)

On One Lyrics / Paroles

Go hard,go hard,go hard (hard, hard) [x2]
I’m on one,one,one,one,one [x4]

[Verse 1:]
I’m on like a pot a cook up, I got da hookup
Ma slap makes d goonies look up, I got em shook up
Yolaology yayo college that’s what I took up
Northern California ma nigga put up a shutter
On one, loaded like a shotgun
Smokin like a chimeney, higher than the trees in Yosemite
Twisted like a pretzel drink a cranberry an kettle juice
Stay afloat keep ma head above sea level
So much hate in ma region, so much stress on d brain
Hey dese rappers ain’t eatin so they need somebody to blame
So they blame it on E 40 cause I got d biggest name
Nigga that been had no change since soul train
Step yo bar game up, practise yo penmanship
Stop complainin an makin excuses nigga make a hit
Jus d otha day I heard a fuck nigga say
40 ya’ll winnin but Valejo ain’t in d bay
I said that sound like some hoe ass shit a nigga like you would say
It’s hataz like yo washed up ass that’s in d way
Ooh, tycoon diamonds glimmin like d sun
I’m in a fucked up mood, an a nigga on one
(on one)


[Verse 2:]
Ooh smokin on smellie, pow roun on ma cellie
Hust-lin gettin money as a habit, always gettin dusty always in d traffic
Outta town outta state, doin shows makin cake (ooh)
Spit dem on stage like a savage, gulliest clubs wid d grimiest bastards
Drinkin is a ritual it make ma life easier, it’s not so difficult (it’s not so difficult)
I’m at d officiatin table drinkin shrimp pops
On dis landi cogniac som’n pitiful
I’m all purpose,I’m took,I’m lightly wounded, I’m lifted,I’m hecka twisted,sedated ya don’t get it ah
I’m outta dere in d middle a nowhere, I’m probably outta ma mind on dis liquor an don’t care
(I’m on)


[Verse 3:]
Ooh, dis yay boy, he on one, he get active wit his gun
Wit d purple an patrone fenna take it to da dough, on one won’t stop till it’s all gone
Ooh, marley naps american he don’t have arrest I hid on d outskirts but I’m from the trap
Ignorant black, jail waddy I put 12’s in d back,greenbacks, rubberbands thousand stacks
Secret stash box whey I hide ma mac,head out d sunroof bonkin hella crack
Yellin hella loud, blank bustin in d air for nuttin shootin at d cloud
I ain’t listenin ma fellas say that I’m trippin,ma homey still on parole ma nigga he piss testin
Jus got out d pot, jus got out d shoe, jus got through wit doin 6 an ain’t supposed to be around dis shit (I’m on)


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