E-40 - Plush (feat. Cousin Fik) [Lyrics/Paroles]

E-40 - Plush (feat. Cousin Fik)

Plush Lyrics / Paroles


What’s d street definition a plush?

They wanna know d definition a plush

What’s d defintion ma mayor?

Luxurious (luxurious). Bossy (bossy)

Ganged up shit brah! (ganged up brah)

That’s right

You feel me, you see a nigga at d dice game?

Ya understand me, an he walk up outta dat mothafucka

With a duffle bag full a scrilla! He plush

You see a bitch wid a big ass! Nigga she plush (she plush)

You see a playa in d traffic havin cash

Gettin money an he’s goin on here, he a plush nigga

He a boss, he a fisher, he a factor


Ma niggas want d bread, no crust (no crust)

For our whip,never catch me on a bus

An I still got work, but let’s keep dat on d hush

Up in ma condo everything plush

Ma car so plush, ma bank row plush

Ma chick so plush, everything so plush

Life plush (plush), ice plush (plush)

Gold plush (plush), clothes plush (plush)

[Verse 1:]

I’m big bank Hank no little bread Ed

Came up under d tutoring, of OG Ned

Game sharper dan a pistol, an I thought that you knew sir

I can bump a ho widout bumpin into her

I got oil on ma gun, I talk slick

Be talkin so fast that people be thinkin ma mouthpiece got a shift kit

Highly corporated, 442

I’m a master manipulator, how bout you?

Whey ma weed grinder, I got some cannabis

A fat sucka kush an it’s plush

I a old man nigga, I recoop

Sippin on perrier jouet, broot

Celebratin like we won a penny me an ma team

If you got it you spend it, live like a king

You can find me in d traffic in a rush (in a rush)

Peanut butter guts in ma new school, lookin hella plush


[Verse 2:]

Wakin up d block wid ma beat knockin pictures off da wall in ma Rubicon jeep

They swear dat we shootin a video down d street

I don’t care what they think I stick to d turf like a clique

It ain’t whey you from, it’s how you comin what you about

An how you carry yourself, status, class, talent, clout

Whatever you need I got it, if I ain’t got it then I get it

Reup an recop it, flip up ma profit profit flippin

West coast livin, all on a bitch you can find me at bossa nova

At ruth chris

Or maybe in d sky on ma way to Dubai

Or at city near you you, at a concert playin live

Her man is a dummy she wanna gimme his money

I got ma dick in her tummy she wanna taste me I’m yummy

It’s a wrap like a mummy you tryna play me for fuff

That’s a good way to fuck around, get yo head knocked off


[Verse 3:]

Thicker than bitch wid booty, legs an thighs

Donkey booty like Phaedra, from Atlanta housewives

Gotta shake dat won’t quit, well equipped-all the supplies

(How she look?) A sight for sore eyes

Got that good good, no bamma (no bamma)

Like Carl Carlton said bad mamajama (bad mamajama)

She want a good one in her life so I enter

(What you do?) Dove in it, as if I was a swimmer

They call me 40 runnin thangs, I’m movin d chains

Hustlin an scorin ma nigga winnin d game

Yo life hella borin, ma nigga bitch you a lame

Bitch I’m out here tourin havin fetti an fame

Get ma proppers an dallaz, packers an eagles an choppers

Man me an ma peoples an partnas

Make me stay strapped wid em dallaz

Right now I’m on a branch, a bush

Blowin on dis OG kush (OG kush)


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