Earl Sweatshirt - Death Whistles

Death Whistles Lyrics / Paroles

Started out tryna make a truce
Ended up back in mine off a 80, proof
Running wild got you thinking you could solve it
We could really use some time
Just to recollect and find out a thing or two
Check the weather, never mind I ain't in the mood
Eyes settled on a prize bitch, I'm in the loop
Strip vinyl, spliff fired up, I get to choose
Which titles my rivals could win or lose
Parachute through the fog, I wish for summer off
Spring fitted for the dark, my nigga in a long-sleeve
Dripping through it all, niggas know
Niggas know not to hit me, I don't get too many calls
This city shit go, it’s a pity how a piggy did you dog
That’s why swampman living in the bog, feeling like a tsar
Off-bred niggas on the spittle getting charred
Swear you can hear death whistle from afar
When the wind blow, feds want your info
Streets full of sink holes, sheets full of nymphos
Brains like a baseball, legs like some pencils
Head for the hills, cause I'm on your heels
Like a bloodhound trained to your scent
Show face when I get dope, nigga my face in the shit
Two cards, blackjack, both ace's, it's lit
Closed case on the mess that I made thugging
No trace of you since, I sin, no place to repent
Closed game but we win, motherfucker
Closed game, cold game

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