Eddie Murphy - Oh Jah Jah

Oh Jah Jah Lyrics / Paroles

Beenie: woh deh yeh
Well this is our prayer toi the world
S/cat: di system, what a corrupt system
Beenie: praise him
S/cat : pray for world that is our healing
Beenie: woh na na , woh na na, woh
S/cat:oh jah jah hear my prayer
While I pray for this world to be a better place
Jah hear my cry
While I cry for you and i, again
Oh jah jah hear my prayer
While I pray for this world to be a better place
Jah jah hear my cry
While I cry for you and i
Beenie:dis is the real situation
S/cat:tell dem about
Beenie nation rise against nation
S/cat:see it
Beenie: while we live we know who who we are
Bad mind want to kill i
Through my brand new car
But it seems like total distruction, di only soloution
Di only solution but ain't no u-u-s-e
None a dem can't stop us now
So silver cat help mi sing sey
S/cat :i cry for a better society
Beenie: woh na na, woh
S/cat: and I pray for a better economy
Beenie : woh na na
S/cat: and I cry for the mon and di baby
Beenie: woh na na, woh
S/cat:economical prices, can't tek di crises
People unoo blind unoo mus si want glasses
Father beg yuh fill over daily needs, and sing
Beenie: dem beat wi, ill treat wi dem treat us like dog
S/cat:oh jah jah
Beenie:tek we from ghana , and bring we come a yard
S/cat oh jah jah
Beenie : give dem a inch, and dem take a yard
Dem a fraud, give dem a yard dem take a mile
Mi sing, once a man but twice a child
Well every little thing is just for a while
Well it seems like total distruction
Di only solution, so sing a long
Ain't no u-u-u-s-e none a dem caann stop us now
So beeenie man and silver cat a sing
S/cat: fi di world fi run better
We affi send a prayer
Bombs and guns, a weh some rich bowy a hire
Babes having babies and son a shot copper
Listen to mi words black people and follow
Silver cat and beenie man di two a we a brother
Always remember one hand wash di other, so
Beenie: cause di system, what a corrupt system
Pray for di world silver cat I'm preaching
S/cat : oh na na
Beenie : di system is a corrupt system cry
For di world is what I'm saying

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