Emilio rojas - I'm on one freestyle

I'm on one freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

I wake up in the bitch crib
Fuck everybody you were the only one there
The only one there who cared
Bitches got no remorse [?] close the door
Cause my manipulation hardly... emotion 4
The only one I trust is lust and I am never satisfied
Cause nowadays is not enough I am done
I fuck with [?] she found that Tv show I rhyme
Like she was on oxygen I wish she wasn't breathing
I thought I love her but fuck it that's my...
I got [?] and a video I sell before you see me broke
You know I am vicious I am evicting and I am spiteful
What you got [?] like a... better I do than voodoo
Provide you some voodoo [?] I will be sticking [?]
No compares with me I am the best
[?] I confess I am stressed
While you are obsessin with some strippers
We will be [?] some... try to buy some [?]
I am a blessing I am a blessing
I am a mother fucker blessing
If I die before my time you know that kid a living legend
You say I am angry but I am just happy
And I talk a lot of shit
Cause shit talking make me happy
And I am living like I am Castro
You are swimming in Miami
If you got a problem with me
Tell you bitch to [?] at me
I am so [?] I don't crack a smile
[?] I never trusted a kid who [?] suck you in
If you are the king I am the chief
You can keep the throne I take the dirt
Some trouble shit plus the dirt is closer to my roots
And the rock is [?] just shut [?] they are smoking your ass
In love for the money [?] with a tan [?] gets bang

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