Emilio Rojas - Lonely

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Emilio Rojas - Lonely

Paroles: Lonely

Now you're lonely, now you're lonely
I know it is likely, don't feel that wrong
And what you feel mad for?
They ain't said he's gone
Now you're lonely, now you're lonely

A lot of these women are fucking for flights
They figure you're here when you cut off the lights
Strippin' for picutres and double their likes
But no goals, no idea what they've donw with their lives

...and somebody caught on tape and they become a star
My niece is watching these reality shows
And try to be like these girls, similarity hoes
I said I know that
Bring in like 12 rats, that's for sure
They all make a half of million every evening
And if they're lucky , they see it
They're livin' beautifuly
But no protection, it's like you're fighting the US scene
I never fuck no groupie freak

You might as well pay for it
Some are even pregnant and can't stand to pay for it
Young and reckless, beautiful but depressing
But they still a star for attention
I swear to God, i wish I could give my heart to these women
But I got to raise my daughter

And you're lonely, you're lonely
No , it isn't better when I feel that wrong
Are you lonely, are you lonely?

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