Fabolous - Live For Today [paroles]

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Fabolous - Live For Today

Paroles: Live For Today

Sean C & LV
Too busy living? Get busy dying!

Stuck in the trap, but I'm loving the money,
I was smart enough to know not to fuck with the dummies
I'm fighting up in the spot, then I'm up in a honey
Straight 12 hour shifts with nothing but twenties
I got no patience, and I hate waiting,
I set niggas on permanent vacations
We ain't even that deep, it's just eight patients
We out here on these streets and we straight caking
Yeah, pop a bottle then burn it well
I get familiar with the circuit, then I burn it well
You ain't got the man power, or the personnel
Be the last one to shoot, and the first to tell
Just a wet stop, I'm with the best stops
Flow nasty, like the bathrooms at the Red Socks
Yew, for fifth and a black cargoes
Just ask Rob Zoe, kisses the black Pablo

Live for today
Impressed by the moment
Tomorrow is never harder to
Live for today like it's your last

Waking up to somebody's same bullshit
Haters wanna gun me down with a full clip
Bitches wanna take me away from my queen
And ran my dick while they tryna sneak it to the team
There's no new friends, just like the song say
Especially when you're dealing with the long bread
You better be lime hearted, with a strong head
Ready to leave your enemies where they belong, dead!
The power of the paper is a life change
But the power of the pussy is a wife changer
You gotta know 'bout shit you're getting into
But you can't know 'bout shit that you ain't been through
Walking through the jungle, I try to blend in
Take care of myself and whoever they send in
And if I sin, then may Father forgive me
Man, I'm just prayn that my children outlive me
Real shit!

Live for today
Impressed by the moment
Tomorrow is never harder to
Live for today like it's your last

Amateurs build the art, pros built the Titanic
The worst times bring out your best, nigga, why panic?
I need cash in this world, tryna buy planets
The risk big, the reward gotta be gigantic
This the point in my life, I realize how you live after you die
What's important is life
One of my killas told me he disappointed with life
And he don't trust nothin' but his joint and his life
So he just livin' for the day 'cause
Niggas snakes and be givin' it away
When the leave, they be slitherin' away
I be chauffer driven in the Maybach
Bumpin' 'Can I Live" that old Jay track
They should lock up all the suckers and bring real niggas home
They should call me gangsta jews, I write real nigga poems
Like, roses are red, the new hundreds are blue
When I finish like the line "and if I do run into you
You better live for the day!"

Live for today
Impressed by the moment
Tomorrow is never harder to
Live for today like it's your last

Nowadays, you gotta walk wid a Beretta
See the G's, red and green, double letters
I hit the block and kill the pop, that's my agenda
These niggas working and these hoes won't make it betta
I'm ready, I'm ready, I hit 'em up, like the return of Machiavelli
'Bout gettin; money ain;t shit that you can tell me
Turn the block to Elm Street, like I was Freddy
These niggas jealous, I got a dealer from Titto, but I ain't tellin'
They wanna put a bullet in my cerebelum
Just cause they heard I was the man, I want 11
In a flash, it could be yur last
Know some niggas in they 30, living in the past
And neva tell a soul where you keep yo' stash
It can be your own homie coming wid a Mac