Fabolous - Nu Gambino (ft. Jazzy) [paroles]

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Fabolous - Nu Gambino (ft. Jazzy)

Paroles: Nu Gambino

It was slow dope then it sped up x2...
If I get that kiss on the cheek
It's Rest in peace
Leave yo body wrapped in the sheets
Go clean my piece
Two come together make one
And if we have a son he gone shine like one
Feel me ?

[Verse 1 : Fabolous]
I said pipes on a roddy like [?] off shottys
Like my pockets knotty and mob like a gotti
Don't want your thotty that hoe pussy probably
Burn like the dessert summer hobby , wasabi
Abu dhabi summertime in hell
Heard that box hot like summer time in jail
Need a bitch to mob with me , Nu Gambino
Let her meet the family give her my bambino
You want the big fish or a damn nemo
See these new jacks is just too damn emo
You ain't got cash money brother you couldn't of been Nino
Ain't even G-Money if you ain't got the ten c notes
My lady friend she knows , my tints three oh
So you can't see her neck in the benzino
Feel me ?
Power turn her on cowards turn her off , yeah
Left her dripping like the shower turning off

[Chorus] x2

Im young Gambino x4

[Verse 2 : Fabolous & Jazzy]
Me and shorty like ginger and nicki
Tell me her man problems then she give me the licky
She say I always make her laugh then take off her vickys
One time I hit her from the back , screaming out ricky (riiicky)
She like you so fucking stupid then proceeded to fuck me stupid
She say I need a good girl
Like she the fucking blue print
I cannot fall in love bitches probably fucking cupid
Too much time on the road, he wifed a fucking groupie
Treat her like a Bentley , she really a fucking hoopty
She looking at me like , why you can't commit (what?)
Im looking at her like you why I can't commit (bitch)
What if Bonnie would have cheated on clyde ?
Let another nigga beat it on the side
Is that still your ride or die ?
Can you still look him eye to eye ?


Im young Gambino x4

[Verse 3 : Fabolous]
Mobflix and chill
God father , good fella
I start moving in way before the movie end
This the part when they wack the boss
Now come over here and wack a boss
Dinner at Carbone
Its kinda heavy on the carbs though
Veil and S-cargo
The bill look like a car note
Mafioso told her call me Mafiloso
When we out on that im Maficostal
My son the prince King Jofi Joflow
Look , we stead mobbing riding with me
You ready robin ? they petty robbing
Taking shots but cheddar bobbing
We get it popping , really caking
We Betty crocking
One eye on the money got to keep on Fetty Wapping
One eye on you snitches
Cause I know the feds be watching
Bought my son a Rollie so that boy already watching
Watch em' grow into a young Corleone
Young rollie on the boy outta here
Young Og gone

Wrist this , wrist that
Where your time at?
Click this , click that
Where your nine at ?
Pull up and we just might meet ya
Don't know ?
Got a nigga that will teach ya
Let a nigga then try to get low
Hate to break it to him but he got to go
Claim top ten
Nigga where ya dime at ?
Wrist this , wrist that
Where your time at?

[Chorus] x2

Im young Gambino x4