Fabolous - Only Life I Know (Directors Cut) (ft. Troy Ave) [paroles]

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Fabolous - Only Life I Know (Directors Cut) (ft. Troy Ave)

Paroles: Only Life I Know (Directors Cut)

I mean, you know, everything ain’t meant to last forever
But what we have right now is what they call the present
So just consider it a gift, baby

[Hook: Troy Ave]
She said I wanna hold you down, but we ain’t never gon’ be right
‘Cause you too caught up in the street life
But that’s the only life I know…
She said them niggas that’s around you, they ain’t never gon’ be right
‘Cause everybody wanna be Mike
Instead of focusing on they own dough
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (powder)
But this the only life I know…
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
But this the only life I know…

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
They say a woman cancel dates ’cause she has to
And a man cancel dates ’cause he has two
Well, I got two dates – one with destiny
I need more, baby, don’t think any less of me
Tryin’ to juggle, slowly but became a struggle
Sometimes I wanna hug the block, sometimes I wanna hug you
Sometimes it’s about the check, sometimes it’s about checkin’ that
De Niro said you gotta leave in 30 seconds flat (word)

Leave it in the rear view, don’t look back, keep runnin’
Left her in the passenger with the jeep runnin’
Hazard lights blinkin’ and the beat bumpin’

Ear to your chest so I hear a beat from it
She fell in love with a street nigga
Tattooed my name on her petite figure

[Hook: Troy Ave]

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
There’s always money to be made, that you can’t deny
I always made mine, never one who can’t decide
I’m only human so if I don’t eat I can’t survive
And Mama said you not a man if you can’t provide
The summers know a shortcut, it beats me home
I worked so hard to get here, now it keeps me glowin’
By the time I get in what she made to eat be old

Caught up in the street life just like my bitch said
I love the game, I love the hustle, just like Mitch said
Yeah, I can leave the game, but is they still gon’ love me?

Shorty watched the Hustler movie she can never get
How they make so much money, but they never quit
I tell her quit for what? That’s the only life they know
The street’s a dirty hoe, niggas try to wife it, though

[Hook: Troy Ave]

[Verse 3: Troy Ave]
Bitter words from a broken heart (that ain’t you)
We was fucked up from the start (this is true)
Ain’t no finish lines in this paper chase (not at all)
We gettin’ right off dope money, support my rate (let us grow)
Black garbage bags full of cash flow (out here workin’)
You wasn’t trippin’ when I bought you all them bags, though (purses)
Now you carry on ‘bout these fuckin’ hoes (for nothin’)
I’m married to the game, I don’t love these hoes (for nothin’)
Real nigga tradition – I keep you dicked and dipped in luxury livin’
You focused on bitchin’ – I’m focused on whippin’ (powder)
So if you can’t take the heat, get the fuck from the kitchen
Women – Pillsbury snow, this the only life I know (alright, alright)
Makin’ cake, makin’ snakes feel the four, though (did that at night)
Bang bang, all deceit gettin’ slain
On the streets dealin’ ‘caine in a sheepskin with fangs