Fabolous - Who Do You Love? (Remix)

Who Do You Love? Lyrics / Paroles

Who do I love?
I love niggas with money, that’s what I love
I love money, I love designer bags, I love designer shoes
I like expensive cars, I like vacations at the other side of the fucking world
That’s what I love, if you can do that for me, I love you too

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Bitch who do you love? Me or Chanel?
I bet a bag make her happy like she was Pharrell
Nigga try to lock her down, but she gon rebel
Like cuffing season over nigga she out on bail
And once the first day she do, she out of jail (huh)
Get a real nigga like me on the cell
I’m like pass through bring your girlfriend with the ass through
Lie to ‘em if you have to when he ask you
Crunch time, playa, better pass it ‘fore you choke
Bad bitches ain’t cheap, better pass her if you broke
I’mma pour it if she drink, I’mma pass it if she smoke
Don’t be trippin’ bout this shit, don’t be asking ‘bout the folks
You just passin' through the city and that pass can be revoked
Don’t get your car wet and the passenger be soaked, nigga
Young OG I be on low-G
He be on your comments, heart face emoji
Oh no, that’s a no-no if you don’t know
Just between us babe, not even Bo’ knows
Made a fuckin’ movie with your chick, porno
Then the song came through the sonos
Who do you love?

[Verse 2: Trey Songz]
You ain’t the same whenever Drake's around
I know you don’t love me
You scream and holler whenever CB’s in town
Now, I got a Hollywood girl she say I’m the captain
Then she sellin’ ass on the side
Got a New York City big titty pretty thing
Catch the train to next, don’t try (don’t try)
I’m that nigga, I’m that nigga in your city
But a nigga from Virginia
I’m that nigga, I’m that nigga
And if you niggas done forgot, you niggas bound to remember
You niggas better remember losers never lover a winner
Bitches never love a loser, beggars never can be choosers
I’m in the crib playing 2k new bitch got loose lips tell her like Lupe
You can keep push baby, why you acting booshie?
Free kush, lick the pills, just a movie
Its a movie, call her best friends, skin like [?]
And I made em turn up, who they

Who do you love?
(Ho I know yo type)
You ain’t the same whenever YG’s around
Bitch, who do you love?
Know you wanna act a fool when you see that nigga Dolla $ign
Bitch, who do you love?
Aha, I bet you be a freak for my nigga Meek
Who do you love?
I bet that you go low for that nigga Loso
Who do you love?
I bet you let your panties fall quick for that nigga...

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