Faith Evans - I Deserve It (ft. Missy Elliott & Sharaya J)

I Deserve It Lyrics / Paroles

[Missy Elliott]
We about to make it hot for the summer!
Make it hot for the summer, make it hot! [x2]
We gonna make it, make it hot [x2]

[Faith Evans]
Everybody is looking for their one and only love
And I'd be a fool to settle for someone that isn't good enough
If you're gonna love me, love me right
Cause I've played the fool too many times
If you're gonna love me, love me good
Or I'll find another man who will, baby

Cause a girl like me is worth it
And I want the best cause I deserve it
Just hold me down, you ain't we gotta be perfect
Cause a girl like me is worth it [x2]

[Faith Evans]
Can anybody tell me where to start?
I'm looking for a man that can hear my heart
Effortlessly, someone who will put a lot of effort in me
Be my description
Got my attention
Things I should mention
You gotta be strong and about your business, boy, come on!


[Sharaya J]
Hey boy, you gotta do me proper
If you want a locker
Go and get your act right, you don't need no Oscar
Baby, I ain't flawless
But I know I'm priceless
The way you get your on turn me on like a light switch
Make 'em say 'WOOO!'
See, I'm attracted to the top notch
A girl like me like 'em ??
And you keep it a hundred, then we straight
S to the H to the A to the R to the A to the Y to the A

[Missy Elliott]
My man is smooth like butter and his voice got bass
What a mighty good man keep his ass on ???
When we are in the ???
He not perfect but he worth it and he got that big old ???
My sex so good I make him come back
He no minute man, he won't sleep ???
??? then we just sit back and relax
I over??? down for my nigga
Bring the beat back!

[Hook x2]

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