Fashawn - 100 Bars [Lyrics/Paroles]

Fashawn - 100 Bars

100 Bars Lyrics / Paroles

Sermons inspired by the streetlife

Syringes, police lights, S-class and F-type cash

Can get the set hype fast

Maneuvering like we moving Peruvian

It's nothing new to me and my hooligans

Way too many chains

I oughtta give one to Vito

Bitches giving brain cause they saw me on Vevo

My last name alone, I might get hit with the rico

Bout to cop something exterior [?]

On the gram like

God damn, look at me-o

Little nigga with the big ego

Sean, call me papi, a don

Try to stop me, you gone

When them cannons flash

Like paparazzi it's on

And never off

Until one of us dead and gone

Your head in [?]

Your legs in Lebanon

Traumatized by lies my teacher

Told me in the class of my own

Who knew it would be this be lonely

Think Left Eye on Death row

The nina on me

Fash, you rich why you still drinking that OE?

Shatter proof

My attitude

Rather rude

I climbed the ladder

Now I'm at a different latitude

4's, I had a few

Hoes, I had a crew

Now I'm known international

I take you on a journey through these lines

Too thrill

Probably need an attorney when I rhyme

New Steel out the alley

Outline them, that's murder by design

Kevlar under the

They wanna know how much this dope cost

How much the flow cost

Am I in Illuminati

And so forth

All that bitch did was piss after


She feel like she got her ribs batted

It's a major event

Whenever I'm in the building

Ball like children

The habbits had you turn you into a cannibal

Time in the cage will turn you in a animal

This ain't the blueprint, it's the manual

And the truth is I dismantle you

This gang is calm

But physically small

I make Lil Wayne look tall

It's dangerous, dog

It's about money

Better hear my name involved

Spit acid, you act like you can't dissolve

I don't know what you take me for

Thank the lord

Got money on repeat like my favorite song

More proverbs than a page's song

Please, don't make a pimp raise his pawn

You Rihanna niggas keep your navy calm

I got a regime

Know what I mean

Out of my league

Ever since The Ecology

Who said I wasn't in the streets

Last time I heard that, I was in the streets


Yall niggas politicking about property

Eating policies, the last of a dying breed

Air hose on the chopper to let the iron breathe

Disappear before I hear the pick siren scream

Money maded

Young nigga, emotionless

I'm more focused

Now that po legit, I'm holding [?]

Couple of meetings with my attorney

Heathens do not concern me

Nor my hungerpains

Just gluttony for the gang

The hustle remain

I'm such a son of a crip

As a younging was lit

When the spring fall, summer I clum to the strip

Work in my pocket

Blunt in my lips

With a handful of young ins who want get rich


In case you was wondering how my summer was spent

Mumbled my way to London to Dublin to Lens

Huddle up in the Benz

Hungry for ends

Life in the spotlight on

In front of a lens

Uh, I kept it a hundred

Ain't nothing pretend

Sweet chick for the waffles and wings, opulence

Every member of the maffia's dream

Preposterous how I upgraded to Mass Appeal

And that was ill

As Malcolm going to Mekka

The alchemy [?] was unexpected

Could you believe that I'm still on tour?

So many casualties

And they still want war

Even if I touch a billie, Ima still want more

Your rhymes Honda Accord to a Bentley Azure

Versus mine, certainly

Not inking your pen, that's [?]

No rhymes designed for nursery

I'm in full effect


All yall in debt for not paying respect

Mister worldwide by way of the west

You rather I pay you a visit

Or you pay me a check

Some say I'm the best

I say I'm possessed

By the spirit of Big

Either one

Big L, Biggie Smalls, Big Bank[?], Big pun



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