Fashawn - Confess [paroles]

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Fashawn - Confess

Paroles: Confess

[Hook] (x2)

She had to confess that I am the best

That I am, that I am, that I am the best

Confess, confess

She had to confess that I am the best

[Verse 1]

Wa da da dang, wa da da da da dang

Step into the party with Baccardi in my veins

I knock her dang, her body I gotta bang

Like it was a 9mm that I aim

Not a train, I prolly forgot her name

Arrive with the gang, the posse that I claim

Play Monopoly games, profiting off pain

Hear the boppin' and go hop in her Range

The best at it according to sex addicts

Made her wet then made a mess out of fresh fabrics

Uh she 'bout to cum, I should just let her

Hon' it doesn't get better than this six letter

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2: Fashawn]

Stop the blood clot lying, no, him no lying

When I gave it to her she swore that she saw Zion (Lawd of mercy)

Hit it hard yeah I gave her all iron

Boom, more fire, I torch your whole attire

I scorch writers at liquor store cyphers

The poor righteous, teach you with arthritis

Patois of a rap star, I'm mac hard

Bag bitches in the back yard and dash off

Treat me like a flask cause they swallowing Fashawn

Aaw, why did I have to go and attack y'all

Hey, wa da da dang, a whole lotta dollars they gain

Whole lotta shotters with bottles and models we gotta bring


[Verse 3]

Ja bless the child who can hold his own, no

Emotion from the homie cosy in the throne

Who got it sown

Poems I'm penning, prone to pitching

Product of the zone I entered

I'm over the limit, scolding my critics

Forget a title you couldn't hold my attention

Oh did I mention, took control of the imprint

Strolling, limping, with the soul of a pimp is

Archbishop meets Bart Simpson, starts kissing

Shawn throws bombs from long distance

Too many magazine to let off, my palms itching

Either I'm insane or you not in my lane

Why do I gotta be modest I'm bout to body the game

[Hook] (x2)