Fat Trel - Gleesh Made It [paroles]

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Fat Trel - Gleesh Made It

Paroles: Gleesh Made It

She told me she work at the stadium, matter of fuego
Bitch that head was the shit now I see why you work at the fuego
When we in Mayeyo, the mansion I collect the payroll
Smoking and flex' with this ice on my chest, I collect all the debt Halle dego
My model was black and my drink it was pinky
You thinking to drinking it, you thinking to drinking it
My whip is the latest, I cop it, I drop it
You Thinking of leasing it,
I fuck it, I leave it, you pussy, you keep it, you take it, you save it
Nigga you save it
I just hope that you make all the payments when I make the babies
You fly out your lady, I fly out the babies
You probably just fly to Atlanta , I fly out to Haiti
I just got of the phone with my mother, like nigga we made it
She said boy I just saw you on tv, that shit was amazing
And I say I know that already
My phone going crazy
I be sneaking and geeking, and having a threesome with Lisa and Tracy
They fuck cause you famous, I’m fucking their faces
She strictly a dyke, and I'm strictly one night, I don’t want no relation
And I saw that pistol you toting, and that shit was basic
You niggas not built for the window man
we trap out the basic
My dope come from cali, I'm just dying to face it
So much money on me you gonna die if you take it
And she gotta come to the teli and pop it for papi
And she text her friend like girl he got some good dick and mollys
And she say I know that already that molly go crazy
We crushing the Mollys on bills of a dollar
Like bitch come and take it