Fat Trel - Ready (Remix) [paroles]

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Fat Trel - Ready (Remix)

Paroles: Ready (Remix)

[Intro: Rick Ross]
Yeah, yeah, Gleesh, Trel, DC
Big money, real niggas
Dreams come true, you watching it unfold
We untouchable, nigga

[Hook: Fat Trel]
She fell in love with a murderer
I'm a cold blooded killer
So you should know what I did to that pussy, boy
You damn right I hit her
She heard I was a dope boy
I heard she was a gold digger
All I know is she a real bitch
So I fuck her like a real nigga

[Verse 1: Fat Trel]
Look, I fell in love with a real chick
She who I smoke, who I drink, share a meal with
No bullshit, and if she ready, I for real hit it
She even told the police "Come and deal with it"
Top down, in Miami, I'm the youngest brother
A lot of money, not to mention, ugly motherfucker
Now what's for supper? I'mma eat it if she keep it clean
I pop a M, smoke dope and I sip lean
Now what you mean? Big faces and they all green
Remind you of double I in the Saline
Daydreamin', I'm dirty but my face clean
Number one, the runner-up escapin' the scene
Nah mean? I'mma touch it if you want to
South Beach, I'm a freak in that Fontainebleau
Club Liv, makin' kids, what you wanna do?
Club Liv, makin' kids, what you wanna do? True


[Bridge: Fat Trel]
Fuck her like a real nigga
I fuck her like a real nigga
I fuck her like a real nigga
She fuckin' with a real nigga

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Pull up on these pussy niggas
I pray to God just to ball on these pussy niggas
That's Inshallah, top down in that new Ferrari
Balenciagas, Murciélagos, know a nigga got it
You know I got it, keep a pistol if you perpetratin'
Take a picture, I'mma post it, you could copy-paste it
Let daddy fake it, red bottoms on my bottom bitch
A lot of money, ain't no botttom, I'm a baller, bitch
That's why you shakin', got her pissin' in the UGG boots
It's all love, pay attention, she should come through
We on the beach in the yacht, what you wanna do?
We on the beach in the yacht, what you wanna do?

[Interlude: Rick Ross]
Aye, Trel, hit up the team, nigga
Slutty Boyz, tell 'em come through
We out here, Black Bottle Boys
We on top of the game, let's celebrate, nigga
Blow somethin'


[Bridge] (x2)

[Verse 3: Nipsey Hu$$le]
Yeah, don't be afraid, fall in love
Pussy ain't the same once I'm done
So fuck that other woman you just was
And fuck them other niggas, they my sons
See, everything different when it's done, properly
I'll probably have you proud to be sprung
Tell ya homegirls I'm the one
Watch ya homegirls cause they slum
This rich real nigga I become
Tell me, is this really what you want?
For I shoot you out the barrel of my gun
And fuck you like a nigga held a grudge
I ain't the type to talk goofy off the drugs
Or take a girl heart just because
She cut ties with them scrubs
No answer but apparently it was, cause


[Outro: Fat Trel]
I fuck her like a real nigga
Fuck her like a real nigga