Fat Trel - She Fell In Love [paroles]

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Fat Trel - She Fell In Love

Paroles: She Fell In Love

She fell in love with a dope boy
Until she found out
Dope boys, bitch ass niggas
Scared of the killas
Scared of the problems

She fell in love with a murderer
I'’m a cold blooded killer
So you should know what I did to that pussy boy
You damn right i hit her
She heard i was a dope boy
I heard she was a gold digger
All I know is she a real bitch
So I fuck her like a real nigga

[Verse 1]
Met her in miami i was fuckin' up a check, all black
With a strap i was fuckin' up they set
Fat nigga in the drop
So the roof dropped back
Pocket full of guap tell yo ex nigga top that
Have you ever had sex in a cherry red bach
With a fat trap, nigga get that pussy so wet
Work it out bowflex
OG no stress
Proceed, progress
New house, mo checks
I know you tired of yo lifestyle
She said she love me cuz my life wild
She said she need it right now
Cuz what i got can't fit in her lifestyle
Activis make her tongue sweet
And going deep make her heart stop
All it take is one call
Im pullin' up when the call drop


[Verse 2]
I met her in Orlando
After the show
I was tryna leave
She told me she tryna go
I was on the pill
She told me she tryin to roll
I was tryna fuck, so she told me do it slow
Hit her from the back
Sippin ac blowin pap
Whenever she leave tell her lead with the strap
Choppers in the front
Triple beams in the back
Young bitch gotta teach her how to act
How to trap like
Take that, leave that dough
3 stacks for the petro
Window down for the jet smoke
I remember riding metro
Now its beef steak with the beer shrimp
Heavy butter like a real pimp
She get tired counting all night
Shopping trips make it all right