Father - Alleyoop Swish (ft. LuiDiamonds) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Father - Alleyoop Swish (ft. LuiDiamonds)

Alleyoop Swish Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Lex Luger]

[Verse 1: Father]
Pop pills, pop ass, shorty [?]
What it do, [?] ball in your court
Alleyoop yeah I do this shit for sport
Smoking ports, snorting yay, fuck a court case
In the lead at the moment at the heat of the moment
Got weed in my garments, yeah I'm prince charming
Yeah, yeah all the hoes swarming
From the Chloe's to the Carmine's

[Hook: Father]
Alleyoop swish, alleyoop swish
Alleyoop swish, alleyoop swish
Alleyoop swish, alleyoop swish
Alleyoop swish, alleyoop swish

[Verse 2: Father]
[?] B-cup, C-cup, D-cup
Bitch I don't give a fuck
I just need something I can drink from
Wake up, suck a nigga dick, fuck a nigga bitch
Fuck foreplay, ain't time for this shit
Sit down, stand tall, play ball, go hard
Check a nigga score card

[Hook: Father]

[Verse 3: LuiDiamonds]
(I need some motherfuckin' drugs)
In a cool whip smoking with a cool bitch
My credit card say Lui, they too rich
I come correct, always in some new shit
I count my check, new phone baby, who dis
I throw my line out and come out with a new fish
All my niggas crazy, sipping on a damn Swish
If that bitch is lazy, hit her with a swift kick
It's Lui, cannot fool me
You wanna do me but you can't
To you she's [?], to me she's cutie
I'm Patrick Ewing when I...

[Hook/Outro: Father]

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