Father & Archibald Slim - In State Outta State (ft. Ethereal) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Father & Archibald Slim - In State Outta State (ft. Ethereal)

In State Outta State Lyrics / Paroles

[Hook: Father]
Just making sure the rent get paid
Same shit, just a different day
In her throat, interstate, out of state, in her state
In her gaze, in her legs, hands interlaced

[Verse 1: Ethereal]
On the same shit, just a different day
Now I'm on a plane thinking 'bout how I get paid
All my niggas, same mission, just in different phase
All your niggas play, I will never get no pay

[Verse 2: Archibald Slim]
Get no pay, get no plays, niggas stay in the day
See the sky, look at your boy, he on the spaceship for days
Like to play with they nose, ask 'em where they money go
If first place ain't your goal, tell me what you're running for

[Verse 3: Father]
Running, running, running, gunning, hundreds to my stomach
I just ran off with a check and spent it on the government
Lay a nigga down if anyone make a sound
If your ass get found, you don't know me, I'm not around


[Verse 4: Archibald Slim]
Niggas keep on talking to these hoes 'bout me
Now niggas just be talking like they know 'bout me
Niggas gon' quit talking like they know 'bout me
But niggas still shit talking, what you know 'bout me
And I bet you think this song's about you, about you
But you always think it's all about you, same shit, different day
I still ain't thought about you, tryna keep my shit straight
Shit, flipping rent pay, fuck y'all, bitch


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