Father - Vamp (ft. Tommy Genesis) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Father - Vamp (ft. Tommy Genesis)

Vamp (ft. Tommy Genesis) Lyrics / Paroles

She said I hit, baby girl she lying
She say she pregnant, I don't believe in science
Don't trust religion neither
Your mom say I'm no keeper
You startin to think it's true, but I'm goin deep n deeper
You don't know what to do, you stop fuckin with crew
Your best friend like "Baby what he do to you?"
Bite marks in her inner thighs, blood suckin vampire
Yeah I got her hypnotized, she ain't comin back tonight

You have a right to all your choices
But my eyes just leave you voiceless
That ass the manner you poise it
That moist shit that drip like poison
Look at my eyes you can not fight this
Your iris slips into your eyelids
My hands all over your privates
Look at my eyes you are my isis

Yup, I got my hands all over you
Can't keep them to myself, always down to share the wealth
Keep top shelf, solid snake, mad stealth
Not a damn thing changed, still bad for your health
Little diddy, doja in my dickeys
You still ain't comin over unless you ho'in and you thicky
Got bad bitches with me, what you think I need you for?
Got these hunnids and these fifties bitch you not my last resort

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