Fetty Wap - Decline (Remix) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Fetty Wap - Decline (Remix)

Decline (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles




Ayy, this my shit man

Yeah, baby, ayy, ayy


Stop callin' me, declining her call

And when she callin' me don't answer at all

And if I answer it I'm cuttin' her off

Tryna hang with me, that bitch tryna be my boss

Tryna bang with me, don't know my gang at all

If you ain't singin' with me, them niggas like "oh my God"

Bitch you ain't sang to me, get kicked right out my car

They know I came with G's, broke niggas think they gon' rob

They know ZooGang with me

Turn off all these cameras please

Step up if you gon' bang at me

Just know I keep that thang on me

These guns extended magazines

Just tell 'em why you mad at me

You broke boy that's a tragedy

No wonder why they aggravated

Tryna come up, comin' after me, I swear that shit won't work

Get you done up, runnin' after G's, I swear this one gon' hurt

Move too slow, boy you can't box with me

I swear he popped a perc

You can tell you really envy me, I know his feeling's hurt

Ayy but baby I'm a grown man, I eat out my own hand

My niggas was hungry, I gave 'em they own pad

I pop up like "oh shit", then give 'em the whole clip

Find out who is so worth it, but man she on some ho shit

ZooGang niggas here baby, ayy

And ZooGang all I hear lately, ayy

Let the two bang if he did hear plenty, ayy

And please don't let 'em near me

I swear these niggas scary

Yeah baby!


Ayy, yeah

Ayy, yeah

Ayy, yeah


I'm on the road, I'm fuckin' hoes

That's how it goes

And you know, how it go

With the Glo, we get dough

Yeahh, haha, ayy

Yeahhh baby, ayy

And you know, how it go

With the Glo, we get gold, baby, aye

Yeahh baby, ayy


And you know, how it go

With the Glo, we get gold

Yeahhh baby, ayy


Whoooo (Zoovier!)

Whoooo (1738!)


And you know, how it go

With the Glo, we get gold

Yeah, baby

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