Fetty Wap - Dip Dip Freestyle [paroles]

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Fetty Wap - Dip Dip Freestyle

Paroles: Dip Dip Freestyle

Yeah, 217, waddup man?

[Verse 1]
Zoovie too clean, you don't see us stank those
LA out to get me so you know my chain gold
Boxing niggas all, I don't need the ring though
Got my own niggas, what you tryna hand fo?
Counting Zoovie out, boy we still remain strong
Did it for my family then I put the gang on
RGF the island, finna turn the flame on
Tryna get behind me, had to switch the lanes on 'em
I don't fuck with niggas, this is not a game homie
If you don't like me just don't say my name homie
If you with it, then just pull up, then just let it rain homie
If you do, you better hit cause I'mma bring your brain homie
In the white 10IG, with your lame on it
Got a bad ass bitch, I had to put my name on her
With a drop in my 'rari, dropped that all my chains homie
I don't talk, I don't speak, I just do my thang homie
If you bark, I'mma get, know I got the aim homie
Tryna knock out his teeth, if I ain't got the thing on me
Got a thing for the streets, I can never change homie
Pimped in the red uniform, respect the game homie
My gang shit, yeah
You ain't in the business, you don't speak my language
I know some real street niggas that get your dumb ass hit
Tryna beef with Zoovie, that what your dumb ass get
I ain't even gotta shoot cause I'm too rich, rich, rich
I got lil niggas with the shits, shits, shits
Got them holding guns, extra clips, clips, clips
You get hit then you tell you a snitch, snitch, snitch
I been getting money, count a whole lotta guap
Now I'm in the mansion, bitches in the Hamptons
They had the same damn [?] when they heard you was dancing
I bought my bitch a Benz, all red, she was dancing
I bought her a bag, she say, baby, bring the bands in
She said you always with your gang, switching lanes in the 'rari
You did have my number but still never call me
I remember you

What a nigga blocking then I dip, dip, dip
Nigga you don't speak my language