Fetty Wap - Handgun (ft. Remy Boyz)

Handgun Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro: Fetty Wap]
Zoovier! Monty! Khaos!
Zaytoven on the beat bruh

[Hook: Fetty Wap] x2
I never leave the house without my handgun (I never)
And all these bitches tell us that we handsome (Wow)
The profit from the jug like a ransom
And he act up get hit up with the handgun

[Verse 1: Fetty Wap]
And when I leave that house I bring a lot of bands
I keep my handgun boy I ain't tryna dance
I call my nigga Crem he hit you from a far
We could shoot in broad day or we could shoot in dark
I turn up the whole damn crowd
Zoo Gang my gang go wild
Zoo Gang my gang's right now
Pull up, that thing go blaow
Zoo Gang that gang screaming loud
I'll pull up that thing, brrrr-aow

[Hook] x2

[Verse 2: Khaos]

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Monty]
I never bust a jug without a handgun
It's Monty and these niggas they my grandsons
If she ain't giving head then she can't come
I pass it to my nigga then he slam dunk
I'm jigging and finessing
Thought I ain't have it on me, bitch you guessed it
I might pull up on 'em in the Lexus
I'm all about them dollars like [Texan?]
Jumping out the Audi, I might catch a body
Smoking on this Cali, watching [Uncle Squallie?]
Monty in the Lambo, Zuwop in the 'Rari
If he ain't getting money get the fuck from round me

[Hook] x2

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