FloFilz - Basement Jazz (ft. Blu) [Lyrics/Paroles]

FloFilz - Basement Jazz (ft. Blu)

Basement Jazz Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Blu]

Check it, uh

Jazz loops, smash juice

Piled up at the crib

The bad news all up in the fridge

Black and whites, all red

All day, what a way to begin

A sad song when the rain fall off your lid

But the love for, I just might offer a rib

A long story

Probably never told you, kids

It's a long way from home when you all alone

Nobody calling on your phone

Dial 1, 9-0

Where the fuck is my boat

Them niggas on an other coast

Yo, this mo' I woke up

And I opened up the cereal box

I never got to the props tho

I'm from the L-O-S-A

Jealous niggas testing

Need to find a best man

Hope he's somebody best friend

Put down the weapon

Go another direction

My flow, other dimensions

I know, none of your business

This is signal, simple

Mind the ripples

I be ripping through that fresh (?)

You was in

(?) over the fence

I know you wanna get in

But know you can't get in

You just don't get it

[Verse 2: Blu]

Rap Mercury, black burgundy, rap prime burglary

Certainly bout to murk that boom bap over that cool jazz

Curtains opened up

Behind the 88-grand

I'm on grams with my man

We making grungy shit

Shake your hands with the president of underground rap

The best of us is underground

B-L-U the smooth, educated

Adequate, accurate, a average backpack

High school dropout

Pleased to meet you

My name is Blu like the color of my LA hat

Your crew is spoiled

I spill that shit out, I don't play that

Kick the shit out of the (?)

Make the bass catch claps like

High hats, they can't handle the swing on the samba

Flips on the Black Mamba

Mama, hot juice

Stick 'em up, I came to rob 'em

All of the sudden stuck in drama

Like fourth, I trap 'em

When my nigga rob 'em

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