Foxes - Body Talk

Body Talk Lyrics / Paroles

[Produced by Jim Eliot]

[Verse 1]

Days like these

I just want you back

I can't breathe

I can't even speak

No La la la la la la la


Gotta rise

Gotta fight

Cause it's something I wanted

Oh, he's got to go

I can see in the light

It's not right

Now I know

I don't need him


Ooh, let your body talk

Even when you feel so lost

Spinning when the tears

They fall, you gotta just let it go


La la la la la

[Verse 2]

Days like these

I don't want you back

Now I feel free

Going to keep that like that yeah


[Chorus] (x2)


Days like these

I can't even speak like

La la la la la la la la la la

[Chorus] (x2)


Let your body talk

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