Frank Ocean - LoveCrimes

LoveCrimes Lyrics / Paroles

Crazy, I plead insanity
Crazy for you, baby

[Verse 1]
Talk to me and I better not hear a word
Do me baby, I better not feel it girl
Baby, I still got one bullet left in my nine
Finna do a lovecrime, lovecrime, finna do a lovecrime

Murder, murder, murder she wrote
Lovecrimes, lovecrimes

[Verse 2]
You write me love letters with your father's pen
If he knew the freaky, freaky things that you write with it
Is it really wrong that I want to be the baby daddy?
Is that a lovecrime, lovecrime? Tell me it's a lovecrime


In the getaway car
You know I love it when the ride is smooth
If we ever get caught
It'd be a long vacation for two


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