Paroles: My God (Intro)

Welcome to God level
Your access has been granted
Huh, I pray for my enemies
Yeah, huh, Jesus name
Enough of that, alright Ars'
(Heatmakerz, crack music)
Uh, it's GORRRRDO!

The fans want insurance
Long term, they wanna see endurance
For years I been hip-hop in it's purest (Facts)
My city sometimes treat me like a tourist
I'm still a God, right?
Bars still hard, right?
Flow out of this world, skill still far, right? (Right)
Like I can't bring back hard white
They tried to sign me, but the form look funny like Bill Cartwright
Uh, this is my Independence Day
I Will Smith whoever you send to play
Why I pen this way? I been this way
Serious like I been to Sway
You get goosebumps just thinkin' 'bout what I'm finna say
I mean that in my humblest way
I hung rappers, Godson'll put ya head on display
Gunplay got the clip in the Ruger
Just in case you tryin' to trip like Aruba (Ha)
Jewels like Slick Rick the Ruler (What up?)
From a brick and a ruler, you can't measure how I'm spittin' it to ya
I know (Say), screamin', "Fuck the cash!"
With Louie on 'til they cut ya ass
Tryin' to get fly for free, this ain't no buddy pass (God level)
Streets is haters and jealous
And these rappers ain't as great as they tell us, uh
With me you could differentiate
Threesome with ya wife and a homie, the friend she ate (Woo!)
Huh, I initiate impact
At these defensive lines like week 2 with ten sacks
Ya man rap, my flow strong and it's scary
Don't have ya boy photo bomb your obituary, God

Your access has been granted
Welcome to God level
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