Fred the Godson - Prey (ft. Cory Gunz)

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Fred the Godson - Prey (ft. Cory Gunz)

Fred the Godson


Featuring(s) : Cory Gunz

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Paroles - lyrics: Prey

[Verse 1: Fred The Godson]

Fifth from the side, that ball gonna leave
His soul sitting in a pile when my snub nose bleeds
Then come the coffin and wake
Moms praying that I change like an offering plate
But Fred range like Van Horn
I leave your engine running, head blown in your van homez
These matics come off the benches
Dick Tracy, Inspector Gadget
My niggas still in the trenches, you niggas got nothing for me
Glory is in the 40, I clutch, that be the story
Got Cory calling me [?]..TBM militia
Bitch, you could be married, these clips ain't gonna miss ya
I'm a fisher, keep yapping away
It can happen today
Had me wildin' out these cannons and get you carried away
My name God

[Hook: Fred The Godson]

Y'all better pray for 'em
Before I prey on 'em
It's in God's hands now
It's in God's hands now (Hail Mary)
Y'all better pray for 'em (Our father)
Before I prey on 'em (Hail Mary)
It's in God's hands now (Our father)
It's in God's hands now

[Verse 2: Cory Gunz]

I'm on some other shit
That I dont give a fuck if he with his mother shit
Triff, How your damage gon' manage
To get your brother split with bananas and rubber grips
I should fuck up your father
You about as hard as your mother dick[?]
I'm angry as club a lang[?] on a double dip
If you ain't talking about money, suck a dick
Your face is ..[?] you fake
Before I ever truck your shit I'll drive it in the lake
And teach a duck a trick
You ain't sell for shit
All I have for supper is a bowl of air and a cup of spit
All I ever wanted was money and a percussion mix
Ain't been lusting since but trust it
I would want your bitch if we was talking some disgusting shit
Rushing our hush the strip, busting and dust this shit
I'm still smoking, I burned my thigh when I tucked this shit
Militia, we up in this, Frederico, my brother
Just let me keep all the guns, you keep the perico and other shit

[Hook: Fred The Godson]



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