Freddie Gibbs - Seventeen (Ft. Young Jeezy & Slick Pulla) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Freddie Gibbs - Seventeen (Ft. Young Jeezy & Slick Pulla)

Seventeen Lyrics / Paroles

I’m from the lights
I’m the village dream
When I was seventeen
(Guess the dream is true hah?)

[Young Jeezy]
Uh yea wussup?
It’s the world baby
Uh yea wussup?
It’s the world baby

I was on my grind when I was 17
Only half a thing for a stack worth of 17
Took a road trip, came back, have me 7 nins
When I turn 18, I’m worried by 7 things

Yea, look, take ‘em back when I was 17
17, alright cut this and let’s set you clean
Always thuggin’, always on the scene
It’s the word it’s 2 to bat, need some bigger chings

[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
I gotta get it, I want, I gotta have it
Throw the nuts in the bag then I’m right back at it
Yea, 14 grams in my attic
The dealer of the year, so who’s really the addict
Yea, all this fast money I’mma get done
She kick me out the house, I got a dick that dance
Guess mama don’t love me no more
See, she might not even let me use the oven no more
1-35, fresh out the press, smell the aroma

And I swear that sin is louder than an avalanche
Came back to X the 50, did the hammer dance
My grandma keep telling me I needs to help
But I keep tellin’ her that I need some wealth
Cutlass with the alpine, got there too long
Blow wind a hard, bitch I got me 2 chicks


[Verse 2 - Freddie Gibbs]
At 17 I had a 9 with 17 shots
East 17, 5-17 block
Fraid it’s to the left, whole hood cling lower
Shout my niggas from valley Bronx to Concord
Nigga, you could play ball
Class, I took the day off
Tryna buy some new J’s, hopin’ I get the skate off
Fully automatic shootouts, call that sprayer
Before I ever see 17, I bust the K off
And my homie got me blowed in the worst way
7 grand for 17 birthday
In the school hall we was getting cheddar there
Except the T hundred in my letter man
When I was 17


[Verse 3 - Slick Pulla]
17, you bust a clean team
Uppin’ in this food court, polo’d up, pullin’ everything
Some lil niggas ‘bout their fra skins
Got my first queue key 5 points from the advocates
Head ‘em down, I’m still fat there
Had ‘em stashed in the old spice camp, thought I was slick there
Diner with the ho when all goin’ cho
Went from halfbacks to four ways a glass
In it with the black vans and the tats
Now we drinkin’ milk, throwin’ up slaps
Young and wild, chest all full of cash


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