Fredo Santana - Pass Me My Double Cup

Pass Me My Double Cup Lyrics / Paroles


Pass me my double cup, where my double cup?

Where the fuck is my double cup?


So much money coming in, I ain't worried about the next nigga

Bricks came in, got a young nigga flexin'

Flexin' so hard got me feeling like a wrestler

Heard you want some lean, then you know I'm finna tax you

Asking dumb questions, what you want to get slapped or something?

Stressing like a motherfucka just pass me the double cup

I ain't worried about what you said, just pass me the double cup

Ain't hear what you talkin', pass me my double cup

[Verse 1]

Woke up this morning, roll me about four blunts

Brush my teeth, then I reach for my double cup

Bitch I reach for my double cup, call my shooters barbers cuz they'll line you up

All my niggas savage up, you don't want war with us

No goofy shit them rachets tucked

Goofy nigga actin' up, heard yo ass broke as fuck boy get yo trap up

Nigga tried to rob me, know I got my pistol tucked


[Verse 2]

I think them drugs kicked in

Coolin' with some bad bitches, finna pop some xans

Don't go no where without my bands

Now a days you can't even trust your own friends

Niggas snake, niggas fake

Shrimp and steak on my dinner plate

Middle fingers to the game

Promethazine and codeine got me drinking all this pain away


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