Fredro Starr - Everyday Hell [paroles]

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Fredro Starr - Everyday Hell

Paroles: Everyday Hell

Yo you hear that?
Sound like mothafucking black clouds is coming and shit
Sound like the mothafucking beat is crying dog
What you know about pain?

[Verse 1]
Yo the game got me sick
I'm trying to beat my cold
The devil in the dress trying to reap my soul
But still every night before I sleep I cheat death
I'ma keep on reaching before I reach my death
2014 trying to make my run
Kill me the only way you going to take my son
But yo life is more than just whips and chains
When you get hot haters want to clip your flame
But fuck that, I'm steady trying to stack my bread
In '95 a nigga had to acting red
With that said that means I'm a certified vet
The team can't run up and murder my set
It's real why cowards want to hate your growth
Why niggas wanna lie when they take the oath
But still, twenty years, I'm still buying cars I can race
And still ain't got a scar on my face
And I'm faced with times, I'm staring in the face of danger
Lighting up kush, blowing L's with strangers
Life is cruel, other than that
Do shows getting money government can't trap
And I rap
For niggas that understand my pain
I've been through the thunder and the rain, you know
All my niggas can't pay bail

[Hook x5]
It's time to say goodbye to this everyday hell

[Verse 2]
They sell everyday that I lift my eyes
Because everyday in the hood we risk our lives
And it's like that, here today the next you're gone
Where I'm from life is short, death is long
Got a Teflon hiding in the Mitchell & Ness
Bullets bounce off when they hit the chest
Cause niggas wanna take me out the physical form
Send me to a place that you visit when you're gone
And til then, I'ma grind get as much cash I can get
Hope I don't crash the whip
But this rap shit
I have a nigga preaching like mason
Or reading a book having meetings with masons
Some turn 5% and some get killed at the live event
For my niggas that can't make bail

[Hook x5]
It's time to say goodbye to this everyday hell