Free Ackrite - Money Train [Lyrics/Paroles]

Free Ackrite - Money Train

Money Train Lyrics / Paroles

You know
Where I come from
Ain't no motherfucking hand outs nigga
You know a lot of you niggas ain't grow up where I grew up
You know what I mean

[Verse 1]
Look, OK I'm sliding down the [?] feeling like the mayor
I don't understand why these bitches want a player
Shit, its probably how a nigga walk
Shit, its probably how a nigga talk
When I'm around these bitches they come around
I really be out of town, my niggas they hold me down
These niggas they got a frown, I know they want my crown
They know they can't come round me

[Verse 2]
Cause I done gave my whole life for this
I know you liking this but baby I ain't wifin'g it
Well maybe not this instant but for the meantime i'ma fuck you in the kitchen
I'm a dog, I'm knocking pictures off the wall and for you niggas hating I'm just waiting on a call
To tell me that you need that, I'm kinda humble but I don't need your feedback
At all, I'm just praying for my dogs who really locked up
I was really involved, I was ready to starve, I was ducking the law, I was fucking them raw, it was bitches galore

But now we sitting on the money train
My momma hoping I come home again
Cause I've been sitting on the money train
And we ain't never going home again
And I can put that on everything
We ain't never
You know, a young gangster you know what I'm talking about
You know my mind just broaden up a little bit
We been riding on the money train
Its bigger things in life homie
And you know I finally got to see it nigga
Its more money to be made, you know what I mean
I'm on the money train, I'm on the money train

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