French Montana - Panties To The Side (ft. Bow Wow, Tyga & Gudda Gudda)

Panties To The Side Lyrics / Paroles

[Intro; French Montana]
I think I fell in love man
Shorty cold blooded

[Hook x2: French Montana]
Shorty pull her panties to the side
Told me keep my feelings to the side
For them tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds
Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds
Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds
Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds

[Verse 1: Tyga]
She move them panties to the side
She give me head while I drive
These bitches flyin’ in like flies
Maybach, no roof, turn a bitch, butterfly
Rose gold in that Autobon
I’m gettin’ money in real time
That big hand on them dollar signs
I’m on West coast, rich time
Get punched out for your punch lines
These niggas snitchin’ like I did the crime
I get the cake like the baker man
No Jamaican kush thats Beenie Man
These niggas hood hoppers, dont give a bitch no option
I do this shit for my squadrant, aint got time for conference
I call up some real niggas, but they aint about that talkin’
I walk in with my bitches, fatest ass in the party

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Bow Wow]
Started with a stack, then I got five more
Could’ve bought a ball team, with all this money I blow
Walkin’ tallest these hoes know I finna go retarded
Ballin’ hard no James Harden
Bentley truck too big to park it
I’mma give her that work, gettin head blowin’ purp
One hand on this blunt, other hand up her skirt
Pussy sweet like apple juice, fuck her til her pussy loose
When I’m done pass her to my man, so he can see what that pussy do
She touchin’ herself, what you goin’ off a molly?
She thick and finer than a motherfucker like ta-da-dat prolly
Fuck all night no strings attached
This aint no alum shit, girl this some fun shit
Dick to bum, shit got caught up,
When I licked that spot a nigga bitch come clean

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Gudda Gudda]
Tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds
I’m with the number one stunna
Hands rubbin’ every time we doin’ numbers
GT vodka all summer
Yeah, its time to bring them Rari’s out
Scratch that, we bringin’ that Bugatti out
I’mma show em how to get this money
I’m laughin to the bank, you niggas money funny
I’mma real nigga, yous a counterfeit
Throw a hundred racks and tell her count it bitch
Money flowin’ like a fountain bitch
All my paper addin’ up you dont amount to shit

[Hook x2]

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