French Montana - Wave Gods Intro [paroles]

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French Montana - Wave Gods Intro

Paroles: Wave Gods Intro

[Produced by Harry Fraud & THe MeKanics]

We wasn't really doin' that shit for money dog, we was in there. Niggas in there talkin' about our lives, niggas is baldin' and niggas was like blood, we was doin' our shit, that shit was fun, we was doin' that shit cause we believed in this shit. So nigga don't really believe in this shit anymore, it's like everything's wannabe if you come out with some shit too, too heavy on these niggas... it's gonna fly over these nigga's heads. You know I'm sayin'? So I be like damn, like I don't know, like you know what I'm sayin'? I be tryna do it on these niggas, what you really wanna do? Like you might need some old conscious shit man, I'm tellin' you

They threw me in the black hole, had to climb up
Once Chinx passed, I took some time off
They hated on the wave now they ride the wave
My baby momma trippin', tryna get my son able
Told me "watch out for Diddy he jerked ARs"
But once I got with Diddy I bought my momma marbles
Big homie right, it's lonely at the top
Fuck rap, he got me right, millions on Ciroc
And told Rozay happy b-day, kept the real with me
Always kept 100 mil in (?) fifty
I got straight to the bank and ask salam-u-alaikum
Straight from the jungle to the lion's gate
Never been a fuckboy, you can ask Trina
All the (?) and chains, nigga belong to the game
I was ridin' in the hoopty with the five choppers
Now I'm ridin' in the Wraith, bitch with 5 Oscars
I was tryna ball like Kyle Watson
But the system knocked me down like Bernard Hopkins
Sittin' in the crib dreamin' about G5 and Benzes
Why street rap ain't sellin' like Kendrick?
If I was you too, I would think I was illuminati
Shoot the devil between the eyes for that new Bugatti
Can't get to the money when hoes in the way
Mac and Cheese 4 on the way

They all know my name
Too many snakes around us, them bright lights are too fake
This fast money what (?)
Don't believe that everyone's 100
Jealousy could be from the one you love