Future - Break The Rules [paroles]

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Future - Break The Rules

Paroles: Break The Rules

Stashed a half a million dollars in the closet like some shoes
Stashed a half a million dollars in the closet like some shoes
I got all types of bitches and they're ready to break the rules
Break the rules for a killer, break the rules for a dealer
Break the rules for a boss, make the rules for a nigga
Break the rules
Half a million dollars in the closet in the stash, like some shoes
Break the rules

[Verse 1]
Cookin' dope, breakin' rules, whip it back, make her choose
Flippin' packs of Peru, can't push that, that's a juug
Sellin' dope at the school just to go get the Jordans
Gotta go get the socks, comin' up off of rocks
Never talk back to cops, comin' up with scenarios
A dope sale opens plenty doors, fish scale with the odor
I'm servin' that Lamar Odom, fuck bitches look like Kardashian
This the type of shit I be on, sellin' ki's off any phone
Pickin' up on the ringer, diamonds all on my finger
Got a half a ticket in singles, tippin' stacks on the stripper pole
Drankin' codeine, nigga pourin' 4's, ballin' hard, nigga, Derrick Rose
Out my trap spot, 24s, we open up, we don't ever close


[Verse 2]
Got that Spur [?], word about some Bentley [?]
They can't compare you, Future, now you buy 'em out of tools
You got your barrel Future, promise me you'll never snooze
400 racks in a Nike box, no shoes
A hundred racks inside my pocket, I'm tryna spend it now
A half a ticket in the parkin' lot, I'm in it now
A bunch of dead faces, then we put 'em in the ground
Pour up the medication in the Sprite and stir it 'round
Aye fuck my registration, I'm in them paper tags now
I'm crazier than a mental patient, fillin' up that stash now
Can't think about my past now, all I'm thinkin' is cash now
Hit 'em up and stick 'em up and takin' off my mask now