Future - Came From Nothin [paroles]

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Future - Came From Nothin

Paroles: Came From Nothin

[Intro: Future]
We be drinkin’ on regular .. you know what Im sayin?
Is water
All my niggas toastin’ up
Get high as fuck, know what Im sayin? We up
We got niggas locked up you know what Im sayin?
They pourin’ up too ya dig?
Cause thats the world end
(What’s poppin my nigga?) That’s another story

[Hook: Future]
Me and my niggas came from nothin
And we ran it up together
We drink that lean and Sprite forever
And we gon stay rich together
Me and my niggas we came from nothin
And we gon get this cake forever
Yeah we ‘don’ drank that lean forever
And now we came up together
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Future]
Patron and lean, patron and lean
Pay 1.5 mil for the crib with the lake on it
Rockstar astronaut status niggas still hatin’ on me
Got bad bad bitches at the house still waitin’ on me
I toast it up I hit the international lottery
Milkin’ millions off a .. I knw my niggas proud of me
I be blowing dojo, don’t know what it like to be sober
Million dollar niggas I got million dollar soldiers
It aint everything we couldn’t make it before
Hood to the core, but my swager up to par
The slang is out the roof, my swager out the Mars
My swag is in another planet haaaa!


[Verse 2: Future]
I got my long johns on with my Timbs on
With my shorts
We finessin nigga he better not come sharp homie
You know how many listening to scooter don hit home?
You know how many listening to Sonny went on?
Man they write some stories .. (whats that?)
Love songs,
They callin’ me love from Madonna
I’m a Rolling Stone
And who would’ve think it all started from Rolling Stone?
I don stand on the corner with the fishy
Now Im trying to make a hundred dollar
Trying to make a hundred dollars
Bitch nigga run it up
I was wrong to call late night on the late
…….only thing on my mind, try to run it up