Future - Compadre [paroles]

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Future - Compadre

Paroles: Compadre

Mi no compadre (x7)
Me no, me no compadre

[Verse 1]
My seats on some reptile
You niggas some reptiles
I come with a lot of power
I come with the Aquafina
They hang off my neck and my earrings, fingers
I came with the check, then I came exquisite
I once spend the check on my transportation
We came from this section that ain't that great
See what I did when I came through faded
All of these niggas they gang related
Drug related got me walkin', pacin'
Peakin' out the window like I'm Kujo
Seen some real niggas get indicted
Seen a pussy nigga get some recognition
20 racks inside of niggas britches
20 bricks'll have a nigga twitchin'
They say you wanna conquer all the Audemar's
Diamond VVS is Niagara Falls
Dranks is drankin' fall asleep in the boat
Keep the stanky stank, nigga right in my coat
Got a bracelet wrapped around my wrist
Like to see that shit light up and glisten
Like to see some fish come back a brick
Put some bread on your head, get ya hit

Fuck around think it's a game
Fuck around, get on that drank
Fuck around with all the fuck arounds
You fuck around, get murked today
Fuck around, get work today
Fuck around with all the fuck arounds
Fuck around, you gone get paid
Fuck around, we goin' crazy


[Verse 2:]
I'm not excited
We can't be reunited
Fuck it, I'm not being modest
Had a young nigga right up on Missoni
My jewelry hang on my wrist like I'm retarded
I came with the gang and they lightweight retarded
Niggas be like that bitch must been imported
Niggas shoot birds at judge in the court
Bought a chain to swang at Mardi Gras
For forty bands a nigga daddy die
Automatic, nigga air you out
I was abandoned there but never more
Greedy nigga with an attitude
I been rackin' in mechanicals
I've been known to have an attitude
All the shit gone end in casualties
I be gettin' a lot of fettuccine
I just went and bought a nigga trap
They just wanna see a nigga miserable
Put the Desi on 'em, leave him critical
Take the codeine and left the baby
Everyday a celebration
The struggle got me dedicated
This money got me levitatin'

[Bridge + Hook:]