Future - Drunk In Love [paroles]

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Future - Drunk In Love

Paroles: Drunk In Love

I've ben drinkin, I've been drinkin

On my fave vodka ain't no tellin what a wild nigga thinkin, what he thinkin

Ain't no thoughts baby, all I know is I won't judge ya

No I I I

Baby I won't judge ya

Ain't no police around here, baby I won't judge ya

Drunk in love
That's how you feelin, that's how you feelin

And I'mma say that bout yo comfort everywhere I'm dreamin

Why I'm dreamin?

Fuck them bands, girl me and you going for a million

And a billion

And I can't keep my fuckin eyes off you

I won't sweat ya, nah nah

Stop tryna creep wit yo boyfriend

He won't let ya
We woke up in the kitchen screamin all this shit happened to us

Drunk in love

One thing I remember, that beautiful body official in club

Drunk in love
Get that flame and that lightning, you gon get that pussy indicted

You done got me all incited

When I mean getting pussy I bite it

You call me young Mike Tyson

I'm pourin' that drank on top of you

Then I'mma sip it all off of you

Sip sip sip sip

Sippin on some champagne, fuckin up the bitch brain

Changing up yo last name

Fuckin in my gold chains

Got you higher than a airplane

You get to hoppin on that dick, Soul Train
Mix the spade and the syryp, if I do say so myself

I pour a cup of dirty Sprite

And I drink it by myself

Pussy soakin like some molly water

Did it on the steps, we done did it everywhere

Ain't another place there's love