Future - Side Effects [Lyrics/Paroles]

Future - Side Effects

Side Effects Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

You pay my ticket, hold down my crib

You wash my clothes, you buy my groceries

You stay up late, you say whatever, that's whatever it take

You a fucking superstar, it ain't hard to tell

Answer the door, it's FEDEX. Never read my mail

Baby I'm supposed to, I take you serious

Keep talking dirty, I love to hear it


Cause I never take nothing from you, you deserve it all

Just tell me what it costs, ball 'till we fall

And we run to the finish, no screens no catches

If I die today it's yours, if you want it all I give it to you

No side effects, No side effects, No side effects

I give it all to you

No side effects, No side effects, No side effects

[Verse 2]

My name stay tatted, across your heart

I give you plenty, you play your part

I smoke too much, say you don't mind

At least you make it, make good with your time

You fucking superstar, you fucking up

Ain't bout that talking, and girl you sure, you sure

You a little something, never take it back

Ain't no side effects, remember that


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