Future - Special (Ft. Young Scooter) [paroles]

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Future - Special (Ft. Young Scooter)

Paroles: Special


Freeband Gang!

Its only the chosen ones

That come from nothing and make millions

And continue doing it

[Hook: Future & (Young Scooter)]

You ain't even tryna be special (jugg nigga)

You ain't even tryna be special (go to work)

You ain't even tryna be special (chea)

I thought you was someone special (jugg)

[Verse 1: Future]

You keep breaking down in front of me

How thats gon' look to my niggas when they honor me

I set the tone of this i can't let no one intervene

You can't take my pressure you probably be done blowed your brain

These bitches wanna use everything I worked for the fame

You know the dues I paid but the money drive 'em insane

They wanna go to court and sue me and take everythang

The devil working on yo niggas and they taking aim

I’m on a high and I'ma stay up here right with the planes

You got a Grammy and young nigga on that purple drank

I'm a motherfucking astronaut and I'm untamed

I made a million off of metro ask the dope game

I booked the show up and rock the show up like some cocaine


[Verse 2: Future]

I bag bitches Burkin bag on bad bitches

Rags to riches I had it never lost it

I stayed at it I stayed flossing

I been sleeping' in dope houses

My mind wasn't even there nigga

I'm rare nigga

I been there nigga starving

My confidence been there nigga

When I was serving off them quarters

You wouldn't even though we had a plug

You wouldn't even think we had a plug

From crumbs to bricks I been special

From crumbs to bricks I been special

We here nigga

They counted us out we bounce back nigga

Now they back round with us

Like they was hustlin' back wit us

When we was puttin' that real on top fake in the middle

Turn that cake into some ice nigga

Its Black Migo for life nigga

Black Migo Gang we here, the original - salute!


[Verse 3: Future]

His momma hate me her mamma hate me

They hate I made it

They love when I struggle they love when I suffer

I got all the scars to prove it

I took my scars and made a movie

I got all my niggas with me through the bad and the good

I got all my jewels on me and I'm still in the hood

I can never stop from grinding cause I made it out the mud

I can never forget when I was on the block selling drugs

Codeine calm my nerves I was getting high since a kid

I took all my problems and I turned it all into hits

I can channel my anger now I can go make me some billions

They trynna' predict my next move but I say fuck politics

Long as I stick to the formula I'm never gon' switch

Freeband gang for life thats the blueprint


[Outro: Young Scooter]




Count Up!

Young Scooter

Black Migo Gang