Future - We Made Our Own [paroles]

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Future - We Made Our Own

Paroles: We Made Our Own

[Hook: Future]
Hey, we made our own money, we made our own money
We made our own money, we made our own money
Fuck these niggas they ain’t ballin’, we made our own money
Fuck this bitches they aint callin’, we made our own money
We made our own money, we made our own money.

[Verse 1: Future]
I print my own money, I get so much I can’t be touched
I take that loud pack and then I stuff it in the
Yeah I’m a hood rat, me and my niggas moving up
My finger tips green from all this racks so count it up,
I’m on that Charlie Sheen, I got to win, I got to win
I’m ballin’ like a Kareem, I’m livin’ in this life a sin
I sip a bunch of lean, I love this life like juice and gin
Fuck your attitude, you bout to make me fuck your friend
I should’ve been ashamed, these bitches fuckin’ bitches too
I’m on the money train, I can’t slow down, I just regroup,
I had to make her change, just fuck Obama I’m the truth
Consider me a lion, and they don’ let me out the zoo


[Verse 2: Future]
I push one button, the roof gon’ go in to the trunk
I’m John Gotti paid, now I’m going Donald Trump
I’m on the rampage, I had to climb up out a slum
I’m on my five deep, and I’m talking to my amigo
I told em I’m retired, I wanna thank em them kilos
I can’t never forget, what I went through for me to be here
On my metro, I would working I was serving
I go cut cope, when I’m down and hurting
This a special moment, and we’re taking full advantage
Hudred dollar Future I’ll pass em out to all my family
I got this one bitch, I’ll put her in the red bottoms
When you dumb rich, and you came from the bottom.


[Verse 3: Future]
Tell me the combination, I’m ’bout to fill it up with racks
I take no vacations, I ain’t got no time to relax
I’m flying out to dosions, 9-1-1, then the horses inside the motor
When the money call the hater, call and keep some soldiers
They gonna knock a nigga off of you
Just to say they told you, I’ma get the office in the building
To make my quota, I can’t never have no feelings for bitches
They so ..trying to come to the club with a nigga
To get to the exposure, I’m about shawty you’re bad, I feel sad for her
She can’t come around and rich nigga rocking a couch
How a view a couple cases and then show off that coat
Everything Versace, Medusa including my locs