G Herbo - Some Otha Shit [paroles]

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G Herbo - Some Otha Shit

Paroles: Some Otha Shit

[Verse 1]
G Herbo getting money bitch, Louis, Gucci, all that, ay
Get money in the cold, Louis, Gucci skull cap, ay
Talking, get a skull crack
See the opps, do a hit in my Louis, Gucci, all black
Hallow tips and all that, ay
Young nigga, 15
Small budget, big dreams
Wonder will I ever hit that lick that make my wrist bling
Posted with my youngins out there hustlin' for them six rings
Anybody want it bitch it's coming out that 16
16 shots berettas, 16 shots whoever
Riding with yo mans, take 16 shots together
Run for the lead, gun in my hand
30 on standby and one in the head
Tell bro when I want a nigga dead by, [lil mally slid by and put] one in his head
Lot of y'all niggas talk to the feds now but the cops can't tell y'all nothing that I said
Lemme tell y'all something that I said, everyday I wake up, burn one to the head
Grinding, gotta get money 'till I'm dead
Fuck around, start running from the feds
Y'all know I don't fuck with the feds
Man I ain't got nothing for the feds
Look like I got lumps in my legs
Came from all these 100's in my pants
[bronem got 100's in the cans]
Make it sound like thunder when they spraying
Yeah you better take cover when they're spraying
[foenem ready] take cover, up your lead
AK go off real quick 'till my finger gets stiff like it's fucking up my hand
Y'all niggas ain't gotta hit me, I don't want your bitch, I just fuck her cause I can
Everyday I think of a master plan
Some shit I just can't understand
Why can't I save up 100 bands?
I don't need nothing but a rubber band
What I'm going to do with my other hand?
I'ma use it to count some other bands
Run through it then count my other bands
.40 long so I shoot it underhand
[let it off, watch him do the running man]
My shorty say cribs, I just call 'em brotherman
What you need? We got pounds [of the gas]
Stack 100's, put the 1's in the stash
I keep Ninas on me, I keep 40's on me
I keep Nickels on me, you ain't gotta rap
Just let me know you want beef and
I just be low key just cause these niggas police
Ay, ay, ay