Game - Compton (ft. Stat Quo) [paroles]

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Game - Compton (ft. Stat Quo)

Paroles: Compton

[Verse 1: Game]
I wake up in the morning chillin’ with my feet up
Looking on my Instagram for pussy to beat up
Hey, Sap turn that beat up, hey nigga, roll that weed up
Riding through the hood, top down, throwing that B up
Turn that YG up, ’cause niggas fed up
Niggas get murdered in my city, not keeping their head up
I’m talkin’ Bloods, Crips and shit
Bodies twisting like liquorice
Watch when that pistol’s lit… niggas hit the fence
Cowards, duckin’ the showers
Couple of niggas be snitchin’, pointin’ like watch towers
That’s how niggas get locked up
40 Glocc tough? What?
That nigga got socked up
And he suin’ me for 4.55
Let me see, move the decimal
Once to the right, that’s a .45
Glock hit the light, now you a vegetable

[Bridge 1: Game]
Yeah, tell them niggas where I’m from, you heard?
Stat, tell them niggas where I’m from…
Hey ya’ll, tell them niggas where I’m from…
Esco, Drake – tell them niggas where I’m from…

[Bridge 2: Game]
The city of money, power and tears
Overdoses, nightmares, yeah…
Can’t walk around here
Keep talkin’ around here, guns spark around here

[Verse 2: Stat Quo]
An honor nigga, my niggas raise, my J’s gram plays
Throwin’ up 3′s, my dogs squeeze triggers
Dreamin’ on what we be when we bigger
Firm Biz deliver, haters shiver, they see us
So Dance filled with divas, sniffin’ Justin Bieber
We stayin’ in the game, you lames’s in the bleachers
Luxury vehicles with all the latest features
The preachers can’t reach us
Smokin’ kush on the beaches, no reception
It’s a blessin’ ever since recession, just progressin’
Bank account stretchin’, models in my section
As I stare at my reflection – Boss Nigga
These bitches love my complexion, they ain’t just talk, nigga
Crack in the pot, let it bubble on the block
Watch it double so we can huddle and ball with the prof
Got niggas from Watson, Swatson and niggas from Harlem
But my niggas from Compton is a problem
Firm biz…

[Bridge 1: Game]

[Bridge 2: Game]

[Outro: Stat Quo]
I swear these niggas lame, my nigga
You a iPhone-5C-nigga
You understand that?
You the nigga that got the Turquoise back
Your pour that shit out, niggas’ll slap you off real
Straight molly-whopping – you’re not welcomed
You thought you was just gonna cut the corner and pay 99$ to shine?
We don’t fuck with you, nigga
Half-price-ass, bitch-ass, soft-ass, lame-ass nigga
You understand me?