Ghostface Killah - Tell Your Friends (Remix)

Tell Your Friends (Remix) Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Ghostface Killah]
Midnight, staring out the view from the condo
Half a pound on the table, blunt wraps in my ?? shine Joe ??
Lounging on the gunplay
Haven't burnt a nigga in 4 days
Fuck it, I'm all in mi casa
Sheepskin 'Lo slippers and lambskin boxers
Four hundred thousand under the ice are cold lobsters
A bad bitch, her silhouette behind my shower curtain
The fog in the mirror's a stick, I couldn't see her curves, and
So butt naked I became right
I put my weapon near the sink right there in plain sight
I jumped in, she did a line off me
??? Wilin' like Stevie J chick, she sniffed a dime off me
Heated floors, par-quet!!
I ate her pussy while she drying off, ??? sorbet!
Starks feeling like James Bond
I fucked on a hundred thousand green, Draymond!
Pretty dick, back it up, hoes get they gag on
Nosebleeds, honestly, how can they just pass it up?
I don't cum quick, uh-uh, that's them little niggas
I fuck like my dick screwed on, go and tell them bitches

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